CATHOLIC TRIVIA (People of the First Century)

What was the name of Jesus' grandmother?

A. Elizabeth     B. Anne      C. Mariel


ANSWER What was the occupation of St. Luke, who was one of the four Gospel writers?

A. doctor  B. chef  C. mayor   D. farmer


Which Apostle do the Gospels mention more than all the others put together?

A. Peter     B. John     C. Paul

ANSWER How many people saw Jesus after He rose from the dead? ANSWER

All these men were among the original Twelve Apostles except for one. Who was NOT among the original Twelve?

A. Bartholomew   B. Thaddeus C. Philip  D. Paul

ANSWER How did John the Baptist figure out that Jesus was the Son of God? ANSWER




What is the smallest country in the world? ANSWER Why is Guadalupe, Mexico so important to Mexican Catholics? ANSWER

In Iraq, some Masses are still said in the native language of Jesus. What language is that?

ANSWER In what country do Christians and Muslims go to visit the house where the Virgin Mary was said to live? ANSWER

Where in Europe are the bodily remains of St. Peter and St. Paul?

ANSWER What strange occurrence was witnessed in the sky in 1917 by 70,000 people in Portugal? ANSWER



All of the following are New Testament books except for one. Which is NOT in the Bible?

A. Titus   B. Philemon C. Poquemon,   D.Hebrews  E. Jude

ANSWER Who was the primary author of the first five books of the Old Testament? ANSWER

To whom did Jesus say, "I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

ANSWER What was notable about Jesus' appearance the day he conversed with Elijah and Moses? ANSWER

What are the most famous four words Jesus said at the Last Supper?

ANSWER Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He told his Apostles not to scatter until a big event happened. What event? ANSWER



Why did the Italian monk and stigmatist St. Padre Pio appear in the sky during WWII? ANSWER What special thing did the Blessed Mother leave at the site where she appeared to St. Bernadette in France in the 1850s? ANSWER
Why was St. Joseph of Cupertino known as the "Flying Friar"? ANSWER What is so special about St. Faustina's diary? ANSWER

What good news did an angel bring to St. Patrick?

ANSWER What famous movie incorporated details from the visions of two mystic nuns? ANSWER



CATHOLIC TRIVIA (Confession Quiz)

What is the first thing you say in the confessional after blessing yourself? ANSWER True or False: If you have not yet been baptized and you are dying, you can get any friend to baptize you. ANSWER

True or False: We are required to confess all of our sins since our last Confession.  

ANSWER True of False: If you cannot drive, you can confess over the phone. ANSWER

After you confess your sins, the priest will ask you to recite an Act of Contrition. Recite one now.

ANSWER True or False: It is possible to get through life without committing one sin. ANSWER
What is the punishment for a priest who repeats your sins? ANSWER What must one do before setting foot in the Confessional? ANSWER

According to the great St. Augustine, what are the three ways in which sins are forgiven? 

ANSWER Name something that would make your Confession invalid. ANSWER

True or False: If you cannot get to a priest for Confession, confessing your sins to a friend will suffice.

ANSWER According to St. John Chrysostom, what special thing did God give to priests that not even angels got? ANSWER






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