ANSWER:   The Passion of the Christ, the 2004 blockbuster movie directed by Mel Gibson,


Of course, most of the movie was based on Scripture, but the Bible lacks some descriptive details – details such as: Were nails or rope used to hang Jesus on the Cross? Did Jesus see angels and demons while he was suffering? What did Mary Magdalen look like?

To fill in such blanks, Mel Gibson relied on the visions of two nuns:

  1. Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824 A.D.)

  2. Maria de Agreda (1602-1665 A.D.) bio


Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich (Catholic Encyclopedia)


This holy nun was told by the Lord she had received the gift of more visions of the past, present and future than anyone in Christian history.


This holy nun saw everything. She heard the conversations the Lord had on the Cross. She saw where Jesus went the moment he died. She saw the people with whom He conversed in the Limbo of the Fathers. She heard what the Lord said to His mother after He rose. She saw the bones of Adam in a straight line down from the Lord’s Cross. She saw souls in purgatory and offered up great personal sufferings on their behalf. She spoke to her Guardian angel


Even as a child, she saw things most of us just have to believe. At Mass, she saw graces falling on people, some accepting them, and others bouncing them back.


“She foresaw the downfall of Napoleon twelve years in advance, and counseled in a mysterious way the successor of St. Peter. Even in her childhood the supernatural was so ordinary to her that in her innocent ignorance she thought all other children enjoyed the same favours that she did, i.e. to converse familiarly with the Child Jesus etc” (Source: Catholic Encyclopedia)


The stigmatic, bedridden nun even had a vision of the Blessed Mother’s first-century home in Turkey, which was subsequently found and is now a pilgrimage site.


Ann Catherine Emmerich(Catholic-forum)

The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (You can read it online for free!)

Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” and Emmerich’s visions

Quotes by Anne Catherine Emmerich


1883: "The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ."

1852: "The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary"

1881: "The Life of Our Lord,"


Here are a few things revealed in her book:

·         She saw that each parish and diocese, each city and country has its own particular and powerful guardian angel.

·         She saw how the various indulgences we gain actually remit specific punishments, which otherwise would await us in Purgatory.

·         She shows that, to gain an indulgence, we must approach the Sacraments with true repentance and a firm purpose of amendment - or we do not gain it.

·         She often visited Purgatory and revealed that Protestants suffer there much more than Catholics because no-one prays for them or offers Mass for them.

·         She deposes that it is more holy to pray for the Poor Souls in Purgatory than for sinners who are still alive, and she explains why.

·         She describes the nature, extent and power of victim souls, and their role in the life of the Church.

·         She describes the condition of St Lydwine of Schiedam, a victim soul during a time where there were "three popes", and how her body came apart into three pieces, joined only by the slenderest of sinews.

·         She saw only 6 victim souls in her time working like herself on behalf of the Universal Church, and about 100 thousand Catholic people worldwide who were great in their faith.

·         She revealed that the Saints are particularly powerful on their feast days and should be especially invoked then.

·         She saw that many Saints come from the same families, the antiquity of which families often extends far back into the Old Testament.

·         She saw the strong link - even long after their deaths - between holy souls in Heaven and their descendants here on earth, lasting even centuries.

·         She saw that the Garden of Eden, with all it contained, was a perfect picture of the Kingdom of God.

·         She revealed that Enoch and Elias are in Paradise, where they await their return to the world to preach at the End of Time.

·         She revealed that Our Lord suffered from the wound in His shoulder more than from any other.

·         She continually saw a false church and wicked men scheming against the Catholic Church and doing much harm - both in her own time and in the future.

·         She saw in vision the enemies of the Church tearing it down and trying to build a new one - on strictly human plans - but none of the Saints would lend a hand.

·         Later, this church of men is destroyed and the Saints of God join in to rebuild the one true Church of God, which becomes more glorious than ever before.

·         She saw the revival of the priesthood and the religious orders after a period of great decadence.

·         She saw that the Church never has allowed children of Catholics to be raised outside her fold, and that as soon as solidly established, she has banned mixed marriages.

·         She describes in detail her visions of Heaven, which she saw as "the Heavenly Jerusalem".

·         She saw all these things, plus more, much more - on virtually every aspect of the Faith - that she reports in a simple, unaffected manner, which yet penetrates the soul of the reader with its truth and power.

This also is from the BACK OF HER BIOGRAPHY:

“Anne Catherine Emmerich was told by Our Lord that her gift of seeing the past, present and future in mystic vision was greater than that possessed by anyone else in history. Born at Flamske, in Westphalia, Germany, on September 8, 1774, she became a nun of the Augustinian Order at Dulmen. She had the use of reason from her birth and could understand liturgical Latin from her first time at Mass. During the last 12 years of her life, she could eat no food except Holy Communion, nor take any drink except water, subsisting entirely on the Holy Eucharist. From 1802 until her death, she bore the wounds of the Crown of Thorns, and from 1812, the full stigmata of Our Lord, including a cross over her heart and the wound from the lance.

”Anne Catherine Emmerich possessed the gift of reading hearts, and she saw, in actual, visual detail, the facts of Catholic belief which most of us simply have to accept on faith. The basic truths of the catechism - angels, devils, Purgatory, the lives of Our Lord and the Blessed Mother, the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the grace of the Sacraments - all these truths were as real to her as the material world. Her revelations make the hidden, supernatural world come alive. They lift the veil on the world of grace and enable the reader to see, through Anne Catherine's eyes, the manifold doctrines of our Faith in all their wondrous beauty. This book will thus marvellously confirm and strengthen the faith of Catholics, showing that the truths of our Faith are rock-solid realities, as real as anything in the material world.”


Books that contain the Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions:

The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich

Mary Magdalen


Book that contains Maria de Agredo’s visions

City of God (You can read this popular abridgement for free online!)


Maria de Agredo saw all sorts of fascinating things: She saw angels from all different choirs being sent to accompany the Virgin Mary. She saw Mary at a young age conversing with the Lord in the temple and making a lifelong vow of chastity before Him. She saw Mary’s parents suffering for 20 years unable to conceive. She saw mary’s parents promise God if they conceived, they would offer her to the temple in perpetual service. She saw how the Angel Gabriel told Mary’s father they would conceive a girl and name her Mary, a name that had been chosen for her from the beginning of time. She learned that a thousand angels guarded Mary and that Mary sent the angels to console her parents in their sorrow after losing Mary to the temple, and again to console Mary’s father in his hour of death. She learned Mary’s mother knew for some time that she was to be grandmother of the Messiah, but that Mary’s father learned only on his deathbed.

Maria de Agredo also saw that the souls of the just down in Limbo were informed that Mary had entered the world and the Savior was coming.



Have you read any good books lately? Maybe a detective novel or sci-fi story?


What?! How could you waste your time on such trivialities when there is fascinating stuff out there like the books of visions these nuns had! Of course, they are not Scripture, so they are not infallible. But these holy nuns were not making this stuff up (though they admit they could have forgotten something or misinterpreted something, not to mention the people recording their statements could have added things)

But overall, this stuff is fascinating and sheds light on some holy people and their real interaction with angels and God himself.