ANSWER: The Portuguese saw the SUN dancing and zig-zagging in the sky. 


They also saw it start plunging to Earth only to rise again before crushing them.

  Meanwhile, the children to whom Mary had been appearing saw an extra scene: they saw Mary and they saw Joseph holding the Child Jesus.

 They also saw an angel with a flaming sword who shouted in a loud voice, “Penance! Penance! Penance!”


The Miracle of the Sun occurred on the exact day in 1917 that Mary had promised the children a miracle for all to see. That’s why the 70,000 had showed up in the first place – to see if anything would really happen. As you can imagine, there were many conversions that day.


Miracle of the Sun 



If you have not read the EXACT DIALOGUE between the Blessed Mother and the children in Portugal, HERE IT IS!